About Jonathan Villegas Photography

Through this site you can go beyond just viewing my images. You can share the images with friends and family, and purchase them to have and to own. I have been doing professional photography since 2010, Fine Art Photography since 2007, and doing it just because I love to do it since 2001. Photography is very versatile in how it gets used but there is one thing that is always the same, and that is that it freezes a moment in time. Learning is an essential part of my life. I love to learn. Using my eyes is how I get most of my learning to happen. There are things happening around us at all times and we have to be willing to slow down sometimes and learn from it. Good, bad, boring, whatever it might be; it might never happen again. If you like what you have seen here and wish for me to photograph an event for you, or have questions email me at jvillegasphotography@gmail.com.

Long time coming…

I finally got around to changing the look of the website I use. It feels great to change what was dark, heavy, and busy. This new look frees the viewer to focus on one image. Focusing on one image is important because it allows us to decide weather or not we connect with the image. What image(s) did you connect with?



Words as Images by Ji Lee

This is one of those things that you should check out. It is a great creation and play on images of words. Some of the designs are very creative with how simple the design.

The work is done by Ji Lee


Worth listening, dreaming, and thinking about…

Adam Brockway shared this presentation with me, and I could not help myself from sharing it with everyone else. His story is inspiring, rich, and very hopeful. It inspires me to continue with what I am doing. Pursuing the degree that will allow me to share photography as a learning tool for our future. The way he tells the story through images is rich. Finally, his presentation, and work allows me to hope for a better tomorrow.


It has now been three days of work, and I feel exhausted. There has been a lot of information thrown at us, some a review some totally brand new, but the position is going to take a few days of getting used to.

I have a position as a photographer with Lifetouch studios, and after three days of training things seem to be coming along. The way the business runs the process of taking photographs is great in the sense of getting a lot done in a short period of time. My attention to detail is going to be more important than using my photographic art skills. I do wonder what this change will do in my other work. In a way I think it will help. We will see.

I feel like I have not done anything with my own work, but soon enough I hope to feel comfortable enough with a set routine that allows me to come home and fix, and upload more photographs.