Long time coming…

I finally got around to changing the look of the website I use. It feels great to change what was dark, heavy, and busy. This new look frees the viewer to focus on one image. Focusing on one image is important because it allows us to decide weather or not we connect with the image. What image(s) did you connect with?




It has now been three days of work, and I feel exhausted. There has been a lot of information thrown at us, some a review some totally brand new, but the position is going to take a few days of getting used to.

I have a position as a photographer with Lifetouch studios, and after three days of training things seem to be coming along. The way the business runs the process of taking photographs is great in the sense of getting a lot done in a short period of time. My attention to detail is going to be more important than using my photographic art skills. I do wonder what this change will do in my other work. In a way I think it will help. We will see.

I feel like I have not done anything with my own work, but soon enough I hope to feel comfortable enough with a set routine that allows me to come home and fix, and upload more photographs.